Overall, I like how the visuals of my interface turned out. I enjoyed learning the basics of Flash and look forward to learning how to do more impressive animations. I would have liked to make the liquid in the hourglass spin around with the animation. I think that my interface is clear and logical, and shows important information relevant to my user group.

Two changes that I would have liked to have implemented but were very last minute thoughts, as your job as a designer is never finished right?, are 1) Include the time and a calendar or simply ’10:00 AM, FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER’.  And 2) A set-up page, where users can change the colour settings, add new flatmates, and a previous months history button for filing purposes.

I learned a lot about power usage in this project and have made a conscious effort to reduce my own power at home. I found it beneficial to work out an individual’s power usage, as I had never really thought about this before. It is interesting to see how quickly power can add up, and which appliances cost more than others to run. For example, I thought that the washing machine was quite an expensive appliance to run, but in the scheme of things it is not that bad. I also did not realise how expensive a 10 minute shower can be, and how that can add up over a month period. The discoveries I have made on this project are the results I would like users of my interface to get as well.